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Conservators and Guardians are relationships appointed by a court to care for people who have lost the ability to care for themselves.

If you have a loved-one who is losing – or has lost – the ability to care for him or herself, Jewel & Stoneman, LLP can advise you on the legal avenues available to help in this situation. In a conservatorship, the court appoints an individual to manage the financial affairs of a person who is deemed incompetent to handle his or her own affairs. In a guardianship, the court appoints a guardian to make decisions about the personal care of a minor, such as where the individual will live and what kind of care they will receive. A person may have a conservator or guardian for their finances, but still be able to make their own personal decisions.

A decision to apply for a guardianship or conservatorship is never easy. You will have many questions. Jewel & Stoneman, LLP can answer those questions for you, and help you go through the process as easily as possible.

Contact our firm to discuss your situation with us. We will do whatever we can to help you make an informed decision and follow whatever steps are dictated by that decision.

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